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Stand out with Sign & Display’s solution for illumination with Outdoor Light boxes for your exterior office signage, architectural lettering, retail stores and other advertisement projects. Light boxes have been artistically associated with noir cinema and the classic Hollywood art style. These have been the most cost effective form of advertisement for decades and the fact that they are so inexpensive and yet exuberate a form of class that is timeless, has made Light boxes a first choice for many new retailers on budget and even the most elite retail stores.

Whether you are an artist, a museum, belong to the entertainment & media industry or a retail store owner, we can customize a Light box for your needs. Since Light boxes are so simple in design, it is easy maintain and you can easily re print a new graphic and change the graphic panel within the enclosure yourself, all this and without the need of a complete reinvestment into the whole operation. Light boxes are versatile and we offers you numerous sizes customized to your available space. You can also choose between the lights used, color temperature, finish, enclosures, substrate and mounting options. All of which is customizable and make for limitless design possibilities.

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