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Interactive Screens & Interactive Kiosk

Sign & Display Adverstising's Touchscreen Kiosks are placed at a retail venue to serve customers and visitors to your store or venue. It sports a dashing monolithic design that is very eye catching which helps keep your customers occupied at strategic install points that you predetermine.

Touchscreen Kiosks from us gives you the advantage of near 27/7 operation despite being highly cost effective. These Touchscreen Kiosks are fitted with LED backlit LCD displays that are highly energy efficient.

In addition to the look customization of these kiosks, Sign & display Advertising also provides you custom software solutions, which makes operating these Kiosks in automated mode just that much easier.

Our Touchscreen Kiosks are based on free standing monolithic designs that make these suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage. For outdoor usage we also provide our customers with anti-glare technology.

Depending on your needs we can customize a single touch, dual touch or multi touch display based on cutting edge IR technology. So give us a call today and let our experts help you install your interactive Touchscreen Kiosks at your retain venue today!

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